Mohan Chellappa, MD

DGA Group

Mohan Chellappa, MD is a Senior Advisor at DGA Group, where he advises clients on business development strategies in health care and technology, as well as on investment in emerging markets.

Dr. Chellappa helped found Johns Hopkins Medicine International (JHMI) in 1997 and played an instrumental role in establishing and growing Johns Hopkins Medicine’s global initiatives and engagements. As President of Global Ventures and Executive Vice President at JHMI, he helped develop international clinical consultancy activities, especially in the areas of clinical care program development, quality systems implementation, and the use of information technology in health care. He also led the establishment of Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare, an innovative joint venture between Johns Hopkins Medicine and Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest energy company.

Previously, Dr. Chellappa worked in India, Malaysia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom and has trained surgeons from across the Middle East and the Asia Pacific regions. With an avid interest in technology, Dr Chellappa helped set up business ventures in the early 1990s based on a text retrieval engine developed with the Institute of Systems Science, Singapore.

Dr. Chellappa is a founding board member of Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare and HCL Healthcare, as well as a board member of HCL Technologies Limited where he serves on the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee. He is also an advisor to Catalio Capital, Sabre Partners, Tau Ventures, and serves on the board of Burjeel Holdings.

He received his medical degree from Madras University. Dr. Chellappa is a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and the American College of Surgeons.