Political Journalist Chris Cillizza Joins DGA Amid Historic 2024 Election Season

  • On 05.07.2024
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Washington, DC – May 7, 2024 – DGA, an expert-driven advisory firm, today announced political journalist Chris Cillizza has joined as a Senior Advisor. With nearly 80 countries, including the United States, holding elections throughout 2024, Mr. Cillizza’s appointment comes at a pivotal moment for multinational companies and organizations navigating the evolving geopolitical landscape.

Mr. Cillizza has established himself over the past three decades as one of the leading voices in political analysis, known for his incisive commentary and keen insights into the intricacies of American politics. He has worked for the Cook Political Report, Roll Call newspaper, the Washington Post and CNN. He now writes a politics newsletter on Substack called “So What” and a sports newsletter called “The Replay.”

“Chris’ deep understanding of American politics, combined with his global perspective, will greatly enhance our ability to guide clients through the challenges and opportunities presented by the 2024 election season and beyond,” said Ed Reilly, the firm’s Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Cillizza’s appointment underscores DGA’s commitment to delivering the highest caliber of expertise, analysis and support to its clients worldwide.

“I look forward to working with my new colleagues at DGA to help our clients stay informed, proactive and agile in this complex political landscape,” said Mr. Cillizza.

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